b'TN-ITS LEGACYTN-ITS GO(20182021) Map Update ExchangePaving the way through TN-ITS GO was a 48-month Programme Support Action (PSA) driven by TN-ITS, focusedon facilitating the seamless exchange of critical spatial data for ITS applications. It acted as a bridge, connecting the data source (police decisions, road maintenance) to the end-users different projectsmap database while expanding the participation of Member States. Drawing upon TN-ITSs previous achievements, it pioneered the concept of a feedback loop between map makers and road operators, laying the foundation for scalability and the potential extension of these exchange mechanisms across the TEN-T road network. ROSATTE(20082010) ISA-FIT(20222023)ROSATTE, an EU-funded project coordinated by ERTICO and funded throughThe battle against speeding and traffic accidents gained a powerful ally with Intelligent DG INFSO, set its sights on streamlining the flow of safety-related road attribute information.Speed Assistance (ISA) becoming mandatory in the EU from 2022. However, considering Its mission? To establish an efficient, high-quality channel to convey these crucial datathat the average lifespan of a vehicle is 6,5-11 years, it will take time to see the full impact. changes from public authorities to commercial map providers and road data users. ISA-FIT, in collaboration with TN-ITS, is on a mission to fast-track ISA implementation for Their focus was clear: tracking attribute shifts, not entire datasets.urban areas, seeking to launch a ready-to-market ISA retrofit product to bolster road safety. The invaluable deliverables produced by ROSATTE would later become the cornerstone ofTN-ITS cooperated on retrofit ISA tests in Helmond, enabling the assessment of quality, TN-ITSs work, laying the foundation for the TN-ITS Technical Specification and providingdriver acceptance, and behavioural outcomes in various scenarios. Simultaneously, a vital insights into location referencing issues that demanded resolution.European strategy is in the works to scale up ISA, focusing on speed limit databases, deployment standards, and procurement. EU-EIP(2016 to 2021)EU-EIP (European ITS Platform) was a transformative project co-funded by the European Unions Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). The initiative was a grand convergence, uniting road authorities, road operators, national ministries, and private sector partners, all devoted to advancing ITS on Europes primary road network. Acting as a vital forum, EU-EIP played a key role in gathering significant input to shape future strategies and policy recommendations for the seamless development of ITS services along European road networks.The EU-EIP Sub-Activity 4.7 helped to implement TN-ITS pilot services in Finland, Flanders, Ireland, the UK, and France. These pilots identified barriers to the widespread use of TN-ITS and developed recommendations and roadmaps for further development.8 9'