b'VOICES OF A DECADEOver the past decade, TN-ITS has been shaped by the passion, dedication, and wisdomStephen TSiobbelof numerous individuals. The invaluable contributions of these visionaries, trailblazers, andERTICO ITS EUROPE - Specifications & Standardisation Expert driving forces have left a memorable mark on TN-ITS. Through their words, we delve into theand former President of TN-ITScore of our mission, the challenges weve overcome, and the possibilities weve unlocked. As the manager in the Sourcing Department of a premier map and service provider, I embraced the role of TN-ITS President for a couple of exciting years. What an absolute privilege it was to collaborate with the brilliant minds Leadership chronicles of mobility data experts from road authorities and industry, all under the Words from TN-ITS presidents guidanceand fundingof the European Commission! During my tenure, we initiated (service) deployment projects and diligently crafted the identity of TN-ITS! Now, as the proud representative of ERTICO,my passion for TN-ITS remains unwavering. To everyone who has been part of the TN-ITS journey or has contributed in any way: a heartfelt congratulations on this joyous anniversary! Your dedication has been the driving force behind our shared accomplishments. Heres to many Kees Wevers more years of innovation and collaboration!First Coordinator/President of TN-ITSChristian KleineTN-ITS is a wonderful and, above all, simple concept:a publicly accessible database, kept accurate daily, withManager Data Partnerships HERE / President of TN-ITSupdates within a day of sign change. It holds the potentialAs the President of the TN-ITS association, I am delighted to lead a to be a crucial source of current information for vehicles,transformative initiative that plays a pivotal role in shaping the future especially for ISA systems, and more broadly for ADASof road map data provision. The opportunity to actively contribute and automated driving. It doesnt entail handling bigto standardizing map update processes, increasing efficiency and data, but just single data points. However, organising thepromoting collaboration between public and private sectors aligns data stream requires substantial effort from public roadseamlessly with HEREs commitment to innovation. Being actively administrations. They are showing great interest in theinvolved in initiatives like the ROSATTE and TN-ITS GO projects topic, and Europe is seeing a gradual process, similarlyenables me to drive thought leadership, ensuring that HERE continues reflected in the introduction of ISA systems. to play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape of innovative and standardized road map data provision. This longstanding engagement underscores HEREs enduring dedication to shaping the future of road map data provision and ensuring the seamless integration of applications like Intelligent Speed Assistance and ADAS.12 13'