b'NAPCORE(20212024)A new era for standards harmonisation The Declaration of Lisbon NAPCORE, the National Access Point Coordination Organisation for Europe, is dedicated toIn May 2023, during the ITS European Congress, TN-ITS, NAPCORE, and DATEX II signed the harmonizing mobility data platforms throughout the continent. However, the diversity of NationalDeclaration of Lisbon, marking a significant milestone in harmonising data standards for mobility Access Points (NAPs) across EU Member States poses a challenge. NAPCORE, in collaborationdata exchange across Europe. This landmark agreement signifies the merging of TN-ITS and with TN-ITS, aligns with the ITS Directives guidelines to coordinate NAPs and National BodiesDATEX II standards, strengthening NAPCOREs mission to coordinate over 30 mobility data (NBs), fostering seamless mobility data exchange throughout Europe. platforms and streamline data exchange across the continent.In the ever-evolving world of mobility data, TN-ITS stands out as an example of standardisation.TN-ITS and DATEX II agreed to collaborate on the joint development, deployment, and Its commitment to harmonisation with DATEX II within the NAPCORE project paves the way forgovernance of their standards, establishing a unified language for data distribution throughout a seamless and interconnected future, where transportation information flows smoothly acrossEurope. This will simplify data formats for data providers and enable automation for data users, Europe, Timo Hoffmann, NAPCORE Secretary Generalfacilitating the seamless exchange of road data.10 11'