b'VOICES OF A DECADE ManagementExpert Insights: Navigating Tech,Management, and AdvocacyMaxime Flament Technical experts Chief Technology Officer at 5G Automotive Association (5GAA)TN-ITS originated from the idea that any road regulations, owned and/or maintained by road operators, should be available in a machine-readable way to any vehicles via advanced types of maps. From 2004, I had the pleasure tocontributetoaseriesoffundedprojectsemerging Dr.Knut Jetlund fromthisidea,amongothersActMAP,MAPS&ADAS, ROSATTE,FeedMAP,eMAPs,andTN-ITSGO.Iam Research Scientist at the Norwegian Mapping AuthorityproudIwaspartofthislongjourneyleadingtothe The TN-ITS specification was a groundbreaking developmentcreation of TN-ITS in 2013. I am also very happy to see as it combines international standards from the ITS and GISthat after 10 years, TN-ITS has become an integral part domains and sets the stage for harmonisation between theof the ITS programme related to harmonisation of the two domains at ISO/TC level. National Access Points.Frank DaemsLars WikstrmInnovation and Deployment Senior Manager at ERTICO ITS-EuropeSenior Consultant at Triona ABSince joining ERTICO in 2018, my journey with TN-ITS has been truly enriching. We have made significant strides in enhancing digital Enabling the re-use of existing up-to-date data of good qualitymap accuracy, especially for Intelligent Speed Assistance, fuelling saves money and in the case of road-safety related data it mayour commitment to safety. Understanding the needs of cities, service also save lives. I was therefore thrilled when, in 2008, I was invitedproviders, and map makers, we aim to elevate TN-ITS applications, to participate in the ROSATTE project, and later TN-ITS, with theemphasizing widespread adoption. As part of the NAPCORE project, we aim to standardize data exchange mechanisms for road-safetyare making great progress in aligning and harmonizing data standards. related data between stakeholders in the public and private sectorsI eagerly anticipate the impact of the TN-ITS and DATEX II standards together with some of the most knowledgeable experts andongoing merger, creating a future where mobility data is seamlessly authorities in this field in Europe. Happy 10th anniversary! connected and safer for every road user. 14 15'