b'A journey towards enhanced digital mappingWith the beginning of the new millennium, a new era for advanced driver assistance took off with the rise of digital maps. Since then, great strides have been made to keep them at the A DECADE OF MAP highest quality. With map makers and service providers seeking to deliver accurate and up-to-date maps, finding authoritative sources for road data is crucial.UPDATE EXCHANGEDespite initial hesitation, there was a growing will from the authorities towards a common approach and interface to road data publication. A unified European platform would streamline data updates for map and service providers, enabling faster and more effective communication of changes to citizens. This would optimize road network utilization and The birth of TN-ITS benefit both providers and authorities.ERTICO and the European Commission collaborated to unite key stakeholders, including TN-ITS officially came into being at its inaugural General Assembly on 5 June 2013 inmap and service companies, research organizations, and road safety-promoting Dublin, Ireland, which was held during the ITS European Congress. Its creation was aassociations. Together, they initiated projects to establish a standardized technical interface significant step forward in the development of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Europe.for sharing road data changes and implementing trials across various EU Member States. The EU-funded project eMAPs laid the foundation for TN-ITS. In its early days, the platform connected eight founding members: road authorities from Norway (NPRA), Sweden (TRV),TN-ITS gained traction in 2018 with CEN publishing TN-ITS technical specifications. Finland (FTA), Flanders (MOW), Ireland (DTTaS), the UK (DfT), and the renowned map- The TN-ITS GO deployment project followed, focused on maturing services in 14 EU making pioneers Tele Atlas (now TomTom) and NAVTEQ (now HERE Technologies). Member States. Today, TN-ITS stands as a mobility data standard, integrated into European TN-ITSs first President was former NAVTEQ manager Kees Wevers - a digital maps, ITS,Regulation, reinforced by regulatory developments and active involvement in projects like and mobility data standardisation expert. Alongside Wevers, Dr Maxime Flamentthen atNAPCORE for streamlined access to mobility data. This journey toward enhanced digital ERTICOplayed a central role in coordinating the platforms activities. mapping represents a collaborative pursuit for efficiency, innovation, cooperation, co-opetition, and a smarter, interconnected future.4 5'