b'WHERE DO WE STAND TODAY?The data chain mechanism TN-ITS brings together road authorities and service providers to enhance the data-sharing The multistakeholder platformmechanism. This data chain enables the update of road attributes promptly, crucial for digital maps in ITS. The TN-ITS multi-stakeholder innovation platform brings together road authorities, andThe mechanism follows Technical Specification CEN TS 17268 and operates through the services and map providers to facilitate the seamless exchange of information about staticCEF TN-ITS GO project in 14 Member States. The value of TN-ITS data stems from its road attributes for ITS. direct sourcing from public authorities, ensuring trust in its accuracy and reliability. This data facilitates the creation of a digital twin, a virtual representation of physical roads and With map providers often struggling to keep up-to-date, TN-ITS steps in, retrieving attributes like speed limits.changes such as speed limits from trusted road authorities. Our vision is to foster collaboration to ensure trusted, regulatory road data, a crucial element for ensuring safety,TN-ITS lays the foundation for future regulatory data governing full automation, considering automation, and efficient mobility in ITS applications, a mandated standard within the key requirements such as trust, authenticity, data channel integrity, recognition, and visibility EU Mobility Data Space.in the data chain. Through the exchange of spatial road data, we facilitate the provision of accurate, reliable digital maps, forming the bedrock for advanced traffic applications. Our emphasis lies in continuing to expand the number of members, amplifying safety through precise digital maps, and acting as a catalyst for innovation at a European level to guarantee road safety. Road Operators / Public Administration14 Member StatesEnhancedReliable Service Data Usersquality Fresh Base Layer Data Map Update Exchange Trusted Providers(i.e. map makers)FeedbackData Traffic Management Loop ShareApps for Car, Truck, Pedestrian, NAP Public Transport, etcOther Data Sources6 7'