b'VOICES OF A DECADE Anna Johansson-Jacques Senior advisor ITS - Swedish Transport Administration Keen supporters and PioneersAt the Swedish Transport Administration, we aggregate data from around 300 data sources to provide updated and relevant information regarding the road infrastructure.The TN-ITS innovation platform, with its standards and data exchange mechanisms, is crucial to Trond Hovlandachieving our goals. The use of TN-ITS by service providers and other actors is also very important. As a pioneer implementer of the CEO ITS NorwayTN-ITS service, Sweden is delighted to see continuous development and collaboration on a broader European scale.While I was still at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration in 2006, we started working on conveying updated speed limits to the cars on the road. After a few years, the effort evolved into the ROSATTE project and viaJennie Martin eMAPs to TN-ITS in 2013. It took several years to get to theInternational Expert ITS, Public Transport,endbut it was certainly worth it. Today, TN-ITS remainsTransport Safety, Transport Equityone of the most important platforms for the deployment of ITS in Europe and is widely respected. I want to thank myIt was a pleasure to be involved in the early days and see this colleagues at ERTICO, TomTom, Here Technologies andimportant initiative by mapmakers and ITS experts get traction the national road administrations for their efforts and hardwith national and EU-wide institutions, and standards bodies.work in creating this important platform. I wish you a happyUltimately the work of TN-ITS has increased the safety, anniversary and good luck for the next 10 years.efficiency and accessibility of the European roads network.Francesco Pignatelli Strategic Advisor - Joint Research Centre (JRC) - Vincent BlervaqueEuropean Commission BLERVAQUE Sprl - Senior Expert and Advisor in research The JRC, together with ERTICO and the deployment of the TN-ITS & innovation for smarter, cleaner & safer transport platform, facilitated a pilot in Norway and Sweden to improve the The need for TN-ITS was identified almost 20 years agoaccuracy of road safety data flows (e.g., speed limits) between public when the SpeedAlert (Intelligent Speed Adaptation) project,road authorities and navigation map providers, in support of the I had the privilege of coordinating, developed a commonimplementation of the ITS Directive. TomTom and Here Technologies understanding of the collection and exchange of speed limithave both been involved as partners giving benefits to their information. Thanks to a group of experts from national roadcustomers on a daily basis. As leader of this work at the European authorities, digital mapping and the ITS industry who sharedCommission, I recall that was a unique and successful example their knowledge, commitment, and trust, TN-ITS has becomeof interoperability solutions linking public administrations with the a key activity in the European ITS deployment landscape.private sector; this concept is now adopted and is being rolled out to many other EU countries. 16 17'