b'One of the key accomplishments of TN-ITS has been the continuous drive for harmonization and interoperability in road data exchange. By fostering collaboration among diverse stakeholders, we pave the way for safer, more efficient, and sustainable road networks in Europe.As we reflect on our journey so far, its important to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of our growing community. Along the way, we have contributed to the publication of the Technical Specification TS17268 under CEN TC 278 WG7 and have worked towards establishing active TN-ITS Services as wellas the feedback loop from service providers, which was deployed under FOREWORD TN-ITS GO. In NAPCORE we are setting the requirements for a future European Digital Mobility Infrastructure.from the PresidentLooking ahead, the future of TN-ITS promises even greater opportunities and challenges. With the EU ITS Directive and its respective delegated regulation we see a great opportunity to enlarge the coverage of TN-ITS throughout Europe. This trusted data exchange will enable and increase the reliability of assistance systems and contribute to safer roads. One of the main challenges is still data availability, but with the help of the current regulation and future projects theTN-ITS platform will increase and harmonize data availability across Europe.Dear Friends,I extend my sincere gratitude to all those who have contributed to our success, As we celebrate the remarkable journey of the TN-ITS multistakeholder platformpast and present. Your efforts have been instrumental in making TN-ITS whaton its 10th anniversary, its an honour for me to address you as the Presidentit is today. I also invite all stakeholders to continue their active participation, of this dynamic and forward-thinking community. Over the past decade, weas we embark on the next phase of our journey towards a smarter and more have witnessed incredible advancements in technology, data sharing, and theconnected future.evolution of transportation. Our platform has played a pivotal role in shaping these transformations.Thank you for your support and commitment to TN-ITS. Heres to the next ten years of collaboration, innovation, and progress.We did this through several projects co-funded by the European Commission. It all started with ROSATTE where the first implementation of the specifications was done. Then, as part of our contribution to EU-EIP and TN-ITS GO weWarm regards, worked on the TN-ITS specifications and implementation of Map Update Exchange in five Member States. Currently, in NAPCORE we are working on aChristian Kleine stronger harmonization of road and traffic standards and are aligning with them. TN-ITS president 2 3'