Last 18-20 September, the European Association for Operators of Roll Infrastructures celebrated Istanbul’s 50th edition of the ASECAP DAYS. This year’s gathering addressed pressing challenges such as the energy crisis in the wake of the conflict in Ukraine or the emerging trend towards private car use that has become entrenched after the limitations of the pandemic. During the three-day conference, discussions revolved around more inclusive and efficient mobility. A reformulation of the existing infrastructure or a more committed approach to sustainability and safety were among the central topics of the event. 

In a world increasingly shifting towards automation, HD digital maps play a crucial role in helping address the current challenges. TN-ITS provides reliable and up-to-date road information to end-users through the exchange of data between road authorities and map makers. 

During the ASECAP Days, Christian Kleine, TN-ITS President and Manager of Data Partnerships at HERE Technologies, presented the TN-ITS platform and its data exchange mechanism during a CCAM-related session. Mr Kleine reflected on the importance of TN-ITS for road safety, supporting the implementation of Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) applications to lower confusion on speed limits, one of the top-ranking causes of road fatalities. 

During his presentation, Mr Kleine also emphasized the need to strengthen the digital infrastructure to enhance the exchange of data and serve the TN-ITS mission. Additionally, the TN-ITS president briefed on the status of the TN-ITS technical specification harmonization with DATEX II, a relevant milestone in road data exchange standards, which is undergoing outstanding steps forward under the scope of the NAPCORE project.

You can access the full ASECAP TN-ITS presentation here.