HERE Technologies is a TN-ITS founding member and takes the presidency of this ERTICO innovation platform. The global leading mapping company and its HD maps are making significant strides in enabling autonomous vehicles to operate safely and efficiently. 

HERE Technologies is collaborating with key partners to advance the adoption of automated mobility solutions. The company’s HD Live Map, which provides real-time information about the vehicle’s surroundings, is set to play a central role in BMW’s Personal Pilot Level 3 automated driving function, which will be available in Germany starting in March 2024. Also equipped with HERE’s HD Live Maps, Mercedes-Benz achieved Level 3 autonomous driving capability in 2021. 

Along with these activities, HERE focusses on detailed mapping attributes helping to ensure that trucks can safely navigate their journeys, offers detailed accurate and up-to-date mapping data to enhance pick-up and drop-off locations to enhance ride sharing and sustainability by providing EV Range Factors solutions provide carmakers with predictive data on EV range, and many more.  

Overall, HERE Technologies is at the forefront of innovation in the automotive industry, with its cutting-edge location intelligence solutions revolutionising the way we move around. HERE Technologies is a valued partner of TN-ITS, actively contributing to advancing our platform and data-chain mechanism in line with these map innovations. Our President, Christian Kleine, serves as the representative for HERE Technologies, ensuring that the company’s interests are well-aligned with the goals and objectives of TN-ITS. We are committed to engaging more map makers to foster a collaborative environment where diverse interests converge, ensuring that end-users have access to reliable and authoritative data.