The TN-ITS CEN TS 17268 is a Technical Specification describing the exchange of (changes) of road attributes, with the emphasis on static road data. It is maintained by the European Standardization Organisation CEN, under their Technical Committee 278, Road Transport and Traffic Telematics. This committee develops European standards in the domain of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

TN-ITS CEN TS 17268 finds its origin in a series of EU research, pilot and deployment projects addressing the definition and roll out of an EU harmonised data chain for the maintenance of digital maps enabling ITS services and automotive systems. Over the last decade those specifications have matured and in December 2018 CEN TC 278 released the first official version.

The TN-ITS platform continues its role to maintain the CEN TS 17268, in line with its strategy: by collecting change requests from TN-ITS stakeholders to support new functionality in the area of traffic efficiency, greening and safety, in multimodality of transport, in automated driving, etc., by interacting with the CEN TC278 W7, and by governing and hosting the digital specification files (schema files, code lists, etc.).

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Access to data model (UML) please contact with the subject “Request for TN-ITS UML
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