Google Maps, one of the most widely used mapping platforms globally, is the latest partner to join the TN-ITS community. This partnership marks a significant milestone for the ERTICO-coordinated platform, which unites the mapping industry leaders along with some key road authorities in Europe. 

TN-ITS facilitates seamless road data attribute exchange between authorities as trusted data sources and map makers, addressing a crucial challenge in the realm of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS): to ensure fresh and accurate authoritative road attribute data. Through its data chain mechanism, TN-ITS enables road authorities to efficiently share updates on critical safety and efficiency road attributes such as speed limits, road restrictions and warnings. Map providers then retrieve, verify, and integrate these changes into their mapping systems, ensuring that users receive up-to-date map information on in-vehicle systems, navigation devices, and smartphones.  

With Google Maps joining TN-ITS, the platform takes a significant step forward in its mission to provide highly accurate and reliable maps for a safer and more efficient transportation future. The collaboration underscores the commitment of both Google Maps and TN-ITS to harness technology and innovation to address the evolving needs of modern transportation systems.  

“We are very pleased to join the TN-ITS platform. We anticipate strong collaboration between public and private sectors, resulting in improved data exchange, enhanced information quality, and ultimately, more accurate information for our users.  We look forward to sharing knowledge and working collaboratively towards our shared goals in road data exchange”, declares Rebeca Joaquin, Global Partnerships Manager for Google Maps.