Are you an association, partnership, organization, company, corporation or individual interested in the TN-ITS platform’s activities? Let’s work together to enhance road safety and efficiency by sharing trusted, up-to-date, authoritative road spatial data.

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HOW TO JOIN THE platform

Each member of the TN-ITS platform is represented by one single point of contact, however the membership is extended to all individuals in the member’s own organization for participation in working groups and other activities.



Download the Membership Package, which includes the Membership Application Form and the Terms of Reference (ToR).


File, print and sign the Membership Application Form


Send a signed version, including the organisation’s logo in PNG.

1. Eligible members 

An eligible member is any member that has paid the yearly fee. 

2. Active members 

An Active member has an active role in constituting part of the data chain for ITS spatial data: ITS spatial data provider (public authority or any organisation acting as such), or ITS spatial data user (map maker or other actor bringing ITS spatial data using applications and services to end-users). 


  • Eligible to vote on the Grant Agreement
  • Eligible to have a contributing decision vote in the TN-ITS work groups.  

3. Support member 

Support members advise one or more working groups. They receive information about TN-ITS business and are invited to seminars and forum meetings held by the Platform. 


Supporting members do not have voting rights but have the right to speak and make proposals at a General Assembly meeting. 

4. Implementing member 

A member that actively implements the TN-ITS service and needs support with its development. 


5. Application or Data Provider

These members seek the added value of TN-ITS platform to advise authorities to deliver data that supports its application (Application provider), or assist them in providing the correct data or improving data quality (data provider).