The Spanish Directorate-General for Traffic (DGT) hosted a Workshop on Digital Road Cartography Update on 5 April. The event aimed to share the DGT’s plans for incorporating national data in the TN-ITS format. Attended by around 70 representatives from public entities and road management/maintenance companies, the event aimed to facilitate collaboration and understanding among stakeholders.

The workshop highlighted the critical role of up-to-date digital maps, particularly for keeping safety features on roads accurately reflected. This is essential to provide reliable data that powers Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS). Standardising data formats across the board is crucial for efficient information exchange between road authorities, mapmakers, and service providers. Ultimately, this ensures the accuracy of information delivered to road users, promoting safety and a smoother driving experience.

The workshop featured presentations from TN-ITS partners HERE Technologies and Google Maps, who shared their digitalisation needs for connected and automated vehicles, emphasising projects like ISA and the standardisation of data and processes for automation.

Representatives from national and regional road entities, such as the Ministry of Transport and Sustainable Mobility (MITMA) and the Provincial Council of Valencia, participated, along with collaborating companies like IPS Vial and DISID, who showcased effective methods and tools for managing road sign inventory.

The workshop underscored the importance of digitising road data and ensuring its quality for services like connected and autonomous navigation. The rollout of TN-ITS, scheduled for January 2025 according to the DGT NAP, will enable data providers to share up-to-date road information in a standardized format. This initiative prioritises accurate speed limit and signage data for navigation systems and traffic management.