This year’s edition of the ITS Belgium Congress, the biggest smart mobility event in the country, took place on Wednesday, 4 October. Kicking off with keynote speakers such as Arie Bleijenberg, chairman of the board of Transport & Environment or Georges Gilkinet, prime minister and Minister of mobility, the event concluded with an astonishing number of initiatives aimed at enhancing mobility in Belgium and inspiring other cities, regions, and Member States. Sustainability, innovation, and automation were among the key topics discussed, with a particular emphasis on the end-user. 

TN-ITS was present at the event to showcase its innovation platform and data chain mechanism to fuel data-driven solutions. To do so, two key partners provided invaluable insights. Nele Dedene, project engineer at Vlaamse Overheid, and Reinoud Delaere, data acquisition manager at HERE Technologies, participated in the ‘Multimodal Mobility Management Innovations Break-Out session to demonstrate the profound impact on road safety and efficiency that stems from connecting road authorities with map makers to provide fresh and accurate information on road attributes like speed limits or traffic signs. 

At TN-ITS, we eagerly aim to continue working for further growth in our efforts to extend our service for standardized road data throughout Europe, aligning with the objectives of NAPCORE.