TN-ITS aims to enhance data sharing in Europe and beyond by facilitating the seamless exchange of authoritative data with map makers and service providers. The central role that the platform gives to road authorities is the key to the successful provision of map attribute updates that are reliable, applying the principles of trust, quality, integrity and sovereignty. By closely involving them in the process, TN-ITS ensures compliance with data protection regulations and maintains the highest standard of data accuracy. TN-ITS strategic merging process with DATEX II standard under the singing of the Declaration of Lisbon will strengthen its position as a leading platform for authoritative road data exchange. 

‘In addition to accessing data emerging from the NAPCORE project, great attention needs to be paid to data availability. Road operators hold the key to the success of safety applications like ISA, ensuring timely and accurate feeds of, for example, speed limit data to map makers and service providers via TN-ITS standards’, states Frank Daems, ERTICO Innovation and Deployment Manager and TN-ITS coordinator. 

Including TN-ITS services in the digital maps of emerging automated vehicles can significantly impact road safety and efficiency. The recent integration of HERE HD digital maps into BMW 7 Series SAE Level 2 vehicles shows revealing outcomes. This collaboration seeks to push the boundaries of automation and prove the importance of using highly accurate maps.   

By combining data from these advanced maps with the car’s sensors, BMW’s vehicles gain a valuable additional layer of information. This breakthrough enhances safety while considerably improving the vehicles’ predictive capabilities, making them more intelligent and responsive on the road.  

HERE plays a significant role within TN-ITS. ‘Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and applications like Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) need reliable and fresh map data. With TN-ITS we have established a data chain which enables automated map updates coming directly from road authorities. This enables HERE to deliver fresher information to our customers, says Christian Kleine, Manager Data Partnership HERE and TN-ITS president.