The TN-ITS association, which acts as an innovation platform under ERTICO’s legal umbrella, makes an important contribution to create an environment where users are ensured a high-quality and harmonised ITS service continuity. Some of the important work carried by the platform were recently covered in a report put together by CEDR and ASECAP about results achieved by the European ITS Platform.

ERTICO was one of the members of the  European ITS Platform (2016-2021), which as a major shared European project gathered the main EU actors for the integration of a trans-European network and ITS deployment. Under this collaborative umbrella of the European ITS Platform, TN-ITS also participated in the report “Intelligent Transport Systems, Green and Efficient Traffic on the European Road Network”, drafted by CEDR and ASECAP. The book collects best practices, success stories and results that drive the improvement of the European road network. This sum of efforts aspires to strengthen road infrastructure and the path towards digitization and improving traffic management.

Chapter 8 provides information about the TN-ITS platform’s advances and the upcoming steps to provide fresh, accurate and trusted digital maps, based upon the  CEN TS 17268 Technical Specification.

Read the report here.

Coordinated actions within European Member States and stakeholders translate into the possibility of creating a network that improves road efficiency, favouring sustainability and advocating road safety. TN-ITS actively works to accomplish these goals, fostering the exchange of spatial road data.

The TN-ITS platform has the mission to enhance ITS-related road data exchange at the EU level and works closely with European stakeholders to ensure trusted and accurate road information for drivers. The TN-ITS association takes a collaborative approach to further develop the TN-ITS data sharing mechanism between European road authorities and service providers.The recently finished TN-ITS GO project – working within the framework of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF), the EU funding instrument for the development of interconnected trans-European networks in fields like transport – was instrumental in the deployment of the TN-ITS data sharing mechanism, which is based upon the Technical Specification CEN TS 17268, in 14 Member States.

TN-ITS Awards 2022

Part of TN-ITS’s collaborative spirit lies in recognizing the efforts of those actors that work to enhance road map data. At the end of the TN-ITS GO project on 31 December last year, Dr. Knut Jetlund, standardization expert at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, and the Hungarian Public Roads team were awarded for their work strengthening the platform’s mission. Dr Jetlund received the award for Technical Excellence, and the Hungarian Public Roads team received it for the Best New Service Implementation.