TN-ITS-GO website

T H E  P R O J E C T

TN-ITS GO is a Programme Support Action (PSA) for the implementation and facilitation of seamless spatial data exchange which are essential for the deployment of ITS applications. The duration of the action is spread over 48 months, in order to give time to six new Member States to plan and implement carefully their ITS spatial data supply chain strategy right from the source (police decision, road maintenance,...), all the way to the open TN-ITS interface and into the map database of the end user.

The Action will capitalise on the pre-existing knowledge and expertise of the TN-ITS initiative, which has already resulted in operational services in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Flanders. Other piloting efforts are ongoing in France, UK, and Ireland but not operationalised yet. Part of this Action invests in these past efforts in order to further consolidate the operational services covering increasing part of the TEN-T with the most relevant ITS attributes and increased quality. Also, the most advanced services will now work on the feedback loop from map makers to road operators which has not been tested so far.

The action is focusing on realising operational exchange of operational data on the TEN-T network and its interface to other road networks but the exchange mechanisms put in place by the Member States should be scalable and extensible to the whole network.

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