ISFO 2023: Advancing innovation in traffic management


The International Symposium on Freeway and Tollway Operations (ISFO 2023), held in Vienna, brought together industry leaders for insightful discussions on “Innovation Advances Towards the Future of Managing Traffic.” Organized by Austriatech, this event served as a vital platform to foster cooperation and facilitate the exchange of ideas, enabling the advancement of novel traffic management practices that effectively address present challenges and align with emerging trends.

With over 400 experts in attendance, the symposium featured a diverse program with more than 40 sessions and workshops from June 26 to 30. These sessions provided a unique opportunity for participants to share their insights and collectively explore disruptive approaches towards making traffic management more efficient and sustainable. The discussions encompassed various subjects, including the integration of new modes of goods transportation such as drones and addressing hot topics like micro-mobility.

Christian Kleine, TN-ITS president, participated in the session “Innovative Methods of Data Sharing.” During his presentation on “data requirements for enhanced applications,” Mr Kleine highlighted TN-ITS as a trusted mechanism for exchanging authoritative, up-to-date static road data. His insights shed light on the importance of reliable data exchange in optimizing traffic management efforts. The session also featured Timo Hoffmann, Secretary General of NAPCORE, and John Hibbard from the Georgia Department of Transportation in the United States.

The ISFO Symposium 2023 provided a space for industry leaders, experts, and stakeholders to come together, exchange knowledge, and shape the future of traffic management. By embracing innovation and collaboration, participants paved the way for transformative solutions that can enhance mobility, efficiency, and sustainability in increasingly complex transportation systems.