TN-ITS at the Transport Research Arena Lisbon 2022


From 14 to 17 November, Lisbon held the Transport Research Arena 2022 under the theme ‘Moving together – reimagining mobility worldwide’. Researchers, policymakers and transport industry representatives from the transport industry brought their latest innovations to the event to make the sector more sustainable, efficient, safer, carbon-free and inclusive, covering all transport modes and addressing mobility holistically.

The conference focused on four main topics: user-focus and inclusive mobility, connected and automated multi-modal mobility, innovation and use of data, ITS and AI, and efficient and innovative logistics.

Some TN-ITS members participated in TRA 2022, representing our innovation platform and its contribution to safer and more efficient roads through data exchange.

Stephen T’Siobbel presented a paper on the findings of the TN-ITS GO project. ‘Road data exchange in Europe: how TN-ITS GO advanced the maintenance of digital maps for ITS with authoritative data’, co-authored by ERTICO, HERE Technologies, TomTom and the Flemish Ministry of Public Works.

Mr T’Siobbel presented the project’s results and TN-ITS technical specifications in the Scientific and Technical session 1.3.2., as well as the next steps for 2023.

TN-ITS president, Christian Kleine, also attended the congress, to provide his insights within a session organised by the NAPCORE project. Mr Kleine stated the challenge related to the maintenance of digital maps (e.g. ISA), and the solution provided by TN-ITS for the exchange of road data.


‘Many hundreds of mobility experts joined this edition with great enthusiasm, especially as TRA2020 was cancelled due to Covid-19. PhD students were showing their work on automation, electrification, big data, etc. as well as senior representatives from academic organisations, industry and governments talking in plenary sessions on strategic matters – including the ERTICO CEO Joost Vantomme’, stated Mr T’Siobbel. ‘Our presence was strong – as all sessions were well attended – and created more visibility of TN-ITS in the European (research) community’.