How can UVAR data support contribute to digital map maintenance?

The European project UVARBox held its final event in early September. TN-ITS members attended the session and praised the project’s success on Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVAR) updates. 

Last 7th September, POLIS coordinated an event on the UVARBox project in Brussels. The session showcased the project’s results, as a closure of its two-year work digitising and exchanging Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVARs) across Europe. TN-ITS congratulates UVARBox partners for their work on data structure and their cooperative spirit, working and-on-hand with local partners, and seeks to build on their results. 

The project’s main outcome is the creation of a versatile software tool for municipalities and cities to create the UVAR data and the active participation of country coaches to stimulate such data production, providing a usable solution for future processes. This data model enables the representation of access rules such as Low Emission Zones or Pedestrian Zones. 

UVAR data support, particularly the static information, can significantly contribute to TN-ITS in the maintenance of digital maps, allowing the creation and update of applications on Road Safety, MaaS, Vehicle Automation or City Logistics. 

Stephen T’Siobbel, TN-ITS standardisation and specifications expert, attended the final event. Mr T’Siobbel stressed that “TN-ITS as a data exchange protocol and a data exchange service is a candidate mechanism to disseminate changes of access Regulations to leading map providers”.