TN-ITS is launching a bi-monthly newsletter to keep readers informed  of the latest news on road data exchange. The newsletter will also keep readers up-to-date on the progress and initiatives of the NAPCORE and ISAFit projects.

TN-ITS is the innovation platform for the standardisation of authoritative spatial road data exchange. The multi-stakeholder platform’s main purpose is to create a data chain mechanism where road authorities feed information to map makers. This innovative mechanism ensures the exchange of trusted and up-to-date data on static attributes. TN-ITS ensures fresh, accurate and trusted digital maps, significantly improving road efficiency. 

The platform is increasing its outreach with active participation in EU-funded projects. It cooperates with NAPCORE, which harmonises National Access Points (NAPs) to facilitate mobility data exchange across Europe and ISAfit, which provides solid retrofit Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) solutions for urban environments. TN-ITS is also expanding its scope with new approaches such as parking or cycling data. 

The newsletter will include the latest updates and advancements, participation at congresses and events like the upcoming Transport Research Arena Conference (TRA) in Lisbon, and interviews to get to know the platform’s partners better.

To stay informed, subscribe to the newsletter at the following link