Webinar on TN-ITS Specifications – for Road Data Exchange in Europe

The TN-ITS platform, coordinated by ERTICO, was inaugurated in 2013 and brings together a number of road authorities and leading map & service providers to further develop the harmonised and automated exchange of (changes) of road data on European roads. The focus is clearly on ‘static’ road attributes, which are vital elements of a reference geospatial base layer, enabling reliable services as route planning, navigation, ADAS, vehicle automation, etc. This refers to changes of Speed Restrictions, Traffic Signs, Parking Information, EV Charging Points, etc.

The platform acts as the keeper of the TN-ITS Technical Specifications, which were released by CEN in 2018 (CEN TS 17268) and describe the exchange data model, the format and the interface. A dedicated working group on Specifications interacts with the TN-ITS service deployment projects (TN-ITS GO), other relevant standardisation platforms in Europe, and the major stakeholders – including the European Commission. It is also responsible for maturing/extending the Technical Specifications and ensuring these specs are aligned with those in ‘related’ domains as traffic, public transport, EVs, etc.

This webinar aims at providing a general introduction to the Technical Specifications.

First, the President of the TN-ITS, Christian Kleine, from HERE will give a concise overview of the platform. He will be followed by Stephen T’Siobbel, the specifications working group leader representing ERTICO, who will discuss the high level aspects of the TN-ITS specifications.

A deeper dive will be provided by Knut Jetlund from the Norwegian Public Road Authorities, a former member of the CEN project team that shaped the TS from earlier research results, and a spatial data / standardisation expert.

Next we have invited a (Linked) Open Data expert to elaborate upon the (technical) connection between TN-ITS and the Open Data world. We conclude with proposing a number of relevant upcoming actions and initiatives by our project manager Frank Daems from ERTICO.

Additional information about the webinar and regular updates can be found on LinkedIn on the TN-ITS page.