TN-ITS Welcomes the inputs of a new Map Maker – GeoJunxion

GeoJunxion recently joined TN-ITS as a new Map maker, contributing to a unified and widely adopted format of digital maps for ITS

•                    Could you tell us more about Geojunxion

GeoJunxion, formerly known as AND, focus on creating and distributing unparalleled location-aware content that fosters a safer and more sustainable world. Also, leaning on our 25+ years of experience in creating and maintaining a global digital map, we are supporting global tech companies in enriching their maps to improve user experience and satisfaction. We call it: location intelligence service.

Our High Alert Zone family of products is solely focused on our mission to offer a set of specific, highly dynamic and map agnostic rich polygons. Those polygons or geographic boundaries are very specific to their use case. For example: ECO-Alert-Zones. This set of dynamic data focuses on delivering complete and authoritative information on low emission zones (LEZ) and congestion zones to both professional and private drivers. These LEZ, government-regulated zones intend to reduce pollution and limit access to certain type of vehicles. Armed with our Eco Alert Zones which cover all known LEZ worldwide; mobility users are assured of being well informed with up-to-date and authoritative information while planning or going on a trip.

Furthermore, we are developing our Safety-alert-zones, a product that is focused on improving road safety through hyper-local information about accident-prone areas and risks of encountering vulnerable pedestrians like children.

To complete the portfolio, we also have launched health-alert-zones, a set of dynamic location-enabled data that informs about health risks such as air pollution, excessive outdoor noise areas and pandemic such as COVID19 down to the street level.

•                    Why did you join the TN-ITS platform?

The TN-ITS mission to facilitate and foster ITS related data, relates to our vision to promote a safer and more sustainable world.

One of the main reason for a fatal accident on European roads is speed. Therefore reducing deathly accident has been one of our main goals. Location-aware content is a very good mean to alert drivers of the speed limits, for example. Thus, being able to collaborate and participate in gaining access to authoritative information about speed limits and other kinds of relevant information is highly valuable to us. Believing in our mission, we want to support the TN-ITS platform with our knowledge and vision in the best way we can.

•              How does TN-ITS fit into your company data acquisition process?

The way we approach our location-aware content, require us to offer a pan-European service. Therefore, we need a data standard and a trusted source of information crossing borders. Today, one of the issues we face is the very scattered landscape of sources and data standards. A country like Germany, for example, has 16 different types of sources and formats for data exchange as it is Lander responsibility.

With the TN-ITS initiative, we are confident that a unified and widely adopted format will enable all location-ware content suppliers to offer a very good service to drivers across continents. This in turn will help substantially reduce accidents and fatalities on our roads.

•              In your opinion, how can TN-ITS positively impact map makers’ products?

GeoJunxion is transitioning away from being just a map maker. We are focusing now on map agnostic content that can be combined with any kind or type of digital maps. TN-ITS is by nature map agnostic as well. This content can be then seamlessly combined with our location-aware content like Safety Alert Zones for example. Map maker’s key role is to maintain the best possible representation of the real world road network including all vital attributes like road name and turn restrictions. We are focusing on data layers that can be combined with any of the map makers’ cartography, including ours. As such, setting standards, being map agnostic, is critical for us to participate in the TN-ITS initiative.

We have a nice animated video that explains our vision