TN-ITS joins the discussion on public-private cooperation for Safety on the Road at the Virtual ITS Europe Congress

Since it was set up in 2013, and following upon a series of EU funded research and pilot projects, the TN-ITS platform actively took initiatives to realise the EU wide deployment of harmonised services by road authorities sharing (changes) of road data with map and service providers.

Its ambition is to ensure that digital maps that mirror the road environment, and which are used in navigation and ADAS systems in vehicles, can rely on trusted updates from authoritative sources. Evidently, speed limit changes and driving restrictions are top priority attributes that will support safer driving and advanced vehicle automation.

Of course, reliable digital maps serving ITS services and automated driving can enhance accurate and sustainable navigation, which in turn ensures positive road safety. The cooperation between public authorities and map providers in TN-ITS is an important step towards this direction.

TN-ITS’ president Christian Kleine (HERE) will join the first ever Virtual ITS European Congress, organised by ERTICO, participating to the Highlight Session “Public-private cooperation for Safety on the Road”, on the 9th of November, from 12.30 to 14.00, to provide insights on the work carried out so far and the future platform’s perspectives and achievements.

The session will bring together several stakeholders such as Technolution, RWS and TISA who will provide their views on different safety schemes that require the cooperation of the public and the private sector on road mobility.

With its data sharing (web) services established in several European countries and regions, TN-ITS produced well over 1 million of updates for leading mapping companies as HERE and TomTom, and is leading the way in the private and public cooperation on trusted static data, including standardisation, with its CEN technical specification (TS 17268).

Currently, the TN-ITS services are being implemented in 14 different countries in Europe under the TN-ITS GO project that will end next year and will result in many new data sharing services in Europe, focusing first on the EU TEN-T road network, but with the objective of scaling up to more road classes at a later stage. All knowledge and expertise acquired will greatly benefit those countries that should still set-up such TN-ITS data chain, e.g. Germany and Italy.

Over the last year, we have seen the inclusion of TN-ITS services in the EU National Access Points (NAPs), which would make it easier for map and service providers to discover and connect to those TN-ITS services. The priority of the TN-ITS platform is now to facilitate more services to be deployed in Europe, advance the feature/attributes set to support ADAS & vehicle automation, its develop its recognition as a “trusted” data chain. As such, TN-ITS has an essential role in any follow-up initiative to mature the NAPs in Europe, with its mission on enhancing the availability of trustable road data.

You can find the Virtual ITS European Congress’ programme here, and registration are still possible at this link.