TN-ITS reflects on the ‘Future of a common European Mobility data space’

TN-ITS is glad to announce the publication of its new reflection paper that addresses the deployment of a standard European data sharing mechanism.

TN-ITS allows the trusted, accurate and timely update of map attributes, as they are collected and registered by European road authorities. This data is of great use in the so-called Map base layers, the major building block of today’s modern GPS and routing applications and devices.

Today, thanks to the TN-ITS GO project (agreement n. MOVE/B4/SUB/2017-63/CEF/PSA/SI2.770546), TN-ITS is deploying its service in 14 Member States. Experience shows that TN-ITS services can be quickly deployed, fitting the needs of all countries. TN-ITS GO has also helped the development of mechanisms for automated data generation, enhancing the accuracy and availability of data, and it has overcome many Member States’ roadblocks.

Now it is time to address the future needs. This reflection paper points out how TN-ITS can help with end-user-driven needs, such as ISA (Intelligent Speed advice) in the short term, and automation in the long run.

It also addresses the enhancement of data quality and availability that public authorities are striving for, and it reflects on the TN-ITS harmonised integration in the European data space and standardisation.

An upcoming related webinar will further elaborate the TN-ITS’ success stories achieved by Member States.

Enjoy the reading and stay tuned!

Click here to read the paper