TN-ITS @ the 13th ITS European Congress

TN-ITS was glad to be part of the 13th ITS European Congress!

The event, which took place at the Evoluon in Brainport, Eindhoven, gathered all members of the ITS community interested in smart mobility, smart cities, digital data and infrastructure for Connected and Automated Driving.

The TN-ITS GO project and its TN-ITS platform, about digital maps and data transfer, were presented at the ERTICO stand by Christian Kleine from HERE, the new President of the TN-ITS platform.

“The trusted source for the data, the incremental updates pointing to the changes of information, the standardisation and automatisation process and the advantage of having one interface and data license per country are among the main benefits of TN-ITS”, explained Mr. Kleine.

After this presentation, Frank Daems, project coordinator from ERTICO, presented to the audience the results of the latest workshop activities, held in Brussels on the 28th of May.

Frank presented the main insights generated from the workshop, highlighting the added value of TN-ITS’ trusted data, originated from public authorities, the need for a certification methodology that will ensure both data trust and -quality, and the recognition of the NAPs as the gateway to obtain the link to the data.

The Specific Interest Session on “EU wide harmonized access to (static) road data”, held at the Evoluon on the 5th of June, was a fully success and gave an overview on the legislation, national access points and current implementation initiatives on accessing road data in a harmonized way, like METR and TN-ITS. The discussion showed that fresh and accurate road data is needed to support future assistance systems and that standardization and accessibility of such data is key to inform end users and increase safe guidance.

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