TN-ITS project at the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen: 1 million map updates and 15 participating countries!

Image: Stephen T’ Siobbel presents the TN-ITS Go project

Reaching out and creating networking opportunities with other countries and road authorities is essential to create momentum to the possibilities of map updating, so the occasion of the 25th ITS World Congress in Copenhagen was ideal to present the achievements of the TN-ITS and its sister project TN-ITS-GO. This consortium of EU road authorities and operators, champion countries experienced in TN-ITS, and existing map makers is keen to promote their cause to other like-minded organisations.

During the Congress, awareness activities took place through regular presentations on the ERTICO stand, in two packed sessions and in direct meetings where the TN-ITS team including President Stephen T’Siobbel unveiled the newly designed website and accompanying presentation film.

Mr T’Siobbel took the opportunity to reveal that TN-ITS has now made over 1 million updates and that 15 countries were now participating in specification updates, thanks to the project. The presentation provoked particular attention from a US audience member who was fascinated to see the harmonised European model for dealing with static information, which does not currently exist in the US.

“2018 is a very important year for TN-ITS: more changes of road attributes are finding their way from authorities to map makers than ever before! The specification of the TN-ITS services are about to be published by CEN (TS17276) and a CEF EIP project kicked-off to support pan-European deployment of the TN-ITS services. Moreover, we started cooperation with other relevant standardisation platforms which shows our role and scope is being acknowledged! ” said Mr T’Siobbel.

The TN-ITS-GO project aims to stimulate and accelerate the coordinated provision of ITS road spatial data and enhance the quality of existing TN-ITS services. With 15 countries now participating, TN-ITS is increasingly becoming a trusted source for updates and thanks to the ITS World Congress was able to spread its message even further.