TN-ITS and Its Initiatives Presented at Congress in Brussels

On 29th September, Bert Boterbergh presented TN-ITS at the Congress in Brussels. His presentation briefly introduced the TN-ITS platform, which is coordinated by ERTICO – ITS Europe, and explained two initiatives that TN-ITS is currently leading.

One of the initiatives presented aims to bring fresher map data to intelligent transport services in the Flanders region. The TN-ITS pilot in Flanders focuses on exchanging speed limit signs and speed limit line segments. It takes data from the road database of Flanders (Wegenregister) and automatically generates a map with speed limits using implicit speed limits, form of way, and traffic signs. However, the quality depends on the quality of the traffic sign database, the road database and the algorithm used.

The other initiative, called TN-ITS GO, focuses on implementing new TN-ITS services in nine EU countries and extending the existing TN-ITS services in six EU countries. The countries targeted include Greece, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Hungary, Cyprus, Portugal, Slovenia, and other countries.

The Congress brings together all key decision makers from the private and the public sector with an interest in sustainable mobility solutions based on technology. The goal is to increase awareness and accelerate the deployment of the most promising solutions.