A strong TN-ITS delegation at the latest INSPIRE conference (05-09 September 2017)

Upon kind invitation of DG JRC, Maxime Flament, ERTICO’s Head of Department Connectivity & Automation, participated at a workshop on ‘New Directions in Digital Government Using INSPIRE’ (05.09 Kehl, Germany). As part of the panel, he shared the experience and the perspective on supporting digital government with TN-ITS and its development through the CEF actions – very relevant as it represents one of the case studies where public and private sectors are intersecting, dialoguing, and cooperating.

In Strasbourg, later that week, Christian Kleine from HERE – and Board Member of TN-ITS – talked about the Mobility of the future and ITS applications in a session chaired by Maria-Teresa from the European Commission JRC. In the same session, Stephen T’Siobbel as President of TN-ITS and Partner Development Manager at TomTom Maps, gave “An update of TN-ITS as the reference platform for exchanging road data (changes) for ITS services in Europe”. Despite the late slot in the programme – Friday afternoon – the audience was still alert which led to a good interaction. Stephen took time to elaborate on “How much INSPIRE is there in there in TN-ITS?”.