TN-ITS presentation at UNECE workshop on Intelligent Transport Systems

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), organised on 17/18 November 2014 its annual flagship workshop on ITS, this year jointly with the Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport of Belgium. The motto of the 2014 workshop, which was held in Brussels, was “Towards a new transportation culture: technology innovations for safe, efficient and sustainable mobility”. TN-ITS was asked to participate and present in a panel on “Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) – where technological reality meets regulatory actions”.

The presentation of TN-ITS President Kees Wevers focused on “TN-ITS as enabler of up-to-date digital maps”. For wide-spread deployment of speed assistance systems highly up-to-date ITS digital maps are a key prerequisite. The mission of TN-ITS is to support the gradual establishment of a data chain of trusted updates of road attributes from public road authorities, who make the changes, to ITS digital map providers (and other potential users). As these updates comprise single data points (as opposite to big data like probe data, which need processing, interpretation and verification) from a trusted source (once everything is organised well), these updates can in principle largely be readily implemented into the core database of the ITS map providers, so to say ‘overnight’.

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