Next meeting of the Transportation Pilot team

The Transportation Pilot is a joint collaborative effort of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission, TN-ITS and the ELF project.

The JRC is involved through its EULF project (European Union Location Framework). EULF is a concept for an EU-wide, cross-sector interoperability framework for the exchange and sharing of location data and services, and the mission of the EULF project is to test this concept. It involves bringing INSPIRE, which was initially developed for the environmental sector, to other sectors, and demonstrating its relevance for other sectors. The testing will be done in the form of pilot implementations.

The ELF project (European Location Framework; ELF not to be confused with EULF) is a three-year EU-funded project aiming at delivering a pan-European cloud platform and web services building on INSPIRE to enable access to harmonised data in cross-border applications.

One of the sectors selected for a pilot is Transport. The Transportation Pilot took off 1 September 2014, and will run for about one year. Phase 1 of the Pilot will focus on two countries that are relatively advanced in terms of the TN-ITS framework, Norway and Sweden. Both countries have a national road map database. The public road authorities of Norway and Sweden are involved, as well as ITS map providers HERE and TomTom. In Norway the NT-ITS framework will be set up, in Sweden the scope of the existing implementation, which remains from the ROSATTE project, will be extended. The ELF side of the Pilot will deal with the use of National Mapping Agency data for the purpose of Transport.