On Friday, 17 March, the TN-ITS innovation platform organised a dedicated webinar on the revised RTTI Delegated Regulation. Some TN-ITS and NAPCORE members participated in the discussion to showcase insights on the main updates of the regulation, the platform’s contributions and some use cases. You can watch the webinar again at the following link 

A set of regulations make up the ITS Directive, providing a legal framework for the coordinated deployment of ITS in Europe, harmonising the efforts of the several actors involved. In 2022, the Real-Time Traffic Information (RTTI) Delegated Regulation was revised to enhance the accessibility, exchange, reuse and update of data required for the provision of high-quality and continuous real-time traffic information services. In contribution to this goal, TN-ITS has been included in the revised regulation to assist standardised static road data exchange.  

The ‘TN-ITS contributions to the RTTI Delegated Regulation 2022/670’ webinar dives into the novel elements of the legal document presented by Annet van Veenendaal (NDW NL).  

The event also gathers TN-ITS members to provide an understanding of the data-chain mechanism, its role within the NAPCORE project and the added value to the regulation. Frank Daems (ERTICO) provides an overview of the multi-stakeholder platform, while Stephen T’Siobbel (ERTICO) builds upon the TN-ITS Technical Specification and the M2.4.2. NAPCORE report on closing the gap with the revised RTTI related to specification.  

François Fischer (HUAWEI) delves into the expected RTTI impact on user experience and the paradigm shift powered by automation. ‘The availability of open spatial and real-time data is fuel to the digital transformation of mobility’. Mr Fischer showcases Huawei Petal Maps and how RTTI serves a better mobility experience and safety. 

Brittany Beagle (GeoJunxion) speaks about geofencing, how maps enable a better traffic circulation experience and the lack of legislation and standardisation by Member States. 




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