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T H E  P L A T F O R M

The EULF Transportation Pilot aims to improve the flow of up-to-date road safety data between road authorities and private sector map providers in different countries, supporting the aims of the Intelligent Transport Systems Directive and drawing on INSPIRE.

It is a collaborative initiative involving the European Commission-Joint Research Centre from its European Union Location Framework (EULF) project, ERTICO’s Transport Network ITS Spatial Data Deployment Platform (TN-ITS), including national road authorities and commercial map providers, and the European Location Framework (ELF) project, including national mapping agencies.


Its aim is to promote the use of INSPIRE (European Directive setting the Infrastructure for Spatial Information in Europe) within the transport domain, by focusing on the electronic exchange of data among public road authorities and private sector ITS map providers, at a cross-border level, based on authoritative and seamless data compliant with INSPIRE.

Current status

The pilot has been successfully implemented in the mature and developed Nordic markets of Sweden and Norway with results presented during the 2015 ITS World Congress in Bordeaux. The EU EIP project sub-activity, foreseeing to implement the concept in five additional member states, can be regarded as the second phase of the Pilot.

The final report of the Transportation Pilot: "Improving accuracy in road safety data exchange for navigation systems" has been published in December 2016. You can download a copy on the following link:

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