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TN-ITS @ the 13th ITS European Congress

TN-ITS participation at the 13th ITS European Congress, held in Brussels the last 3-6 of June, has been a success. Stand presentations and Specific Interest Sessions have been organised to promote the project, its activities' findings and the services of the TN-ITS GO platform.


TN-ITS Activity Workshop

Register for the next TN ITS Activity Workshop in Brussels! The workshop aims at providing a better understanding of the TN-ITS services amongst other digital infrastructure services, stimulate the discussion to clarify “grey zones” in the data definition (static / dynamic data), foster cooperation amongst initiatives and platforms addressing the ITS Directive and determine opportunities, early ROI, and needs for future research topics. Read more to discover when, where and what we will discuss about!



For years, speeding has been recognised as one of the main contributing factors to deaths on our roads. Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) will have a huge impact on traffic safety. TN-ITS GO (Transport Network Intelligent Transport Systems) is a Connecting Europe Facility project that contributes to ISA’s success by deploying standardized advanced exchange and update mechanisms for digital map data. TN-ITS GO is planned to be a key part of the digital infrastructure of 15 European Member States and road operators by 2022. ISA’s planned introduction in all new cars sold is currently the subject of an EU proposed law.


TN-ITS at the 2018 INSPIRE Conference in Antwerp

On September 20th, Stephen T’Siobbel, President of TN-ITS, presented TN-ITS (GO) in a session on the use of INSPIRE in support of the Intelligent Transport Systems.


TN-ITS project at the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen: 1 million map updates and 15 participating countries!

Reaching out and creating networking opportunities with other countries and road authorities is essential to create momentum to the possibilities of map updating, so the occasion of the 25th ITS World Congress in Copenhagen was ideal to present the achievements of the TN-ITS and its sister project TN-ITS-GO. This consortium of EU road authorities and operators, champion countries experienced in TN-ITS, and existing map makers is keen to promote their cause to other likeminded organisations.


TN-ITS Guidelines for Data Senders and Data Receivers

The work of TN-ITS is divided into five working groups (WG), each addressing a different range of issues, including location referencing, reference implementation, specifications and standards, and policy awareness. At the end of last year, WG3, which deals wi...


Feedback Loop Highlighted in Recent TN-ITS Member Discussions

The TN-ITS Joint Progress meeting, held on 27th November in Brussels, gave an opportunity for TN-ITS members to exchange information and share best practices. A notable trend in the discussions was the call for a feedback loop, which would facilitate interacti...


TN-ITS GO Members Welcomed at TN-ITS Joint Progress Meeting

On 27th November, TN-ITS hosted a Joint Progress Meeting in Brussels regrouping the pioneer TN-ITS implementations from Sweden and Norway together with the ongoing pilot implementations in Finland, Flanders, UK, Ireland and France. The big TN-ITS news is the a...

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