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TN-ITS WG1 meeting

The start of WG 1 Location Referencing was discussed between Kees Wevers and the WG1 Leader Stephen T’Siobbel of TomTom. ST is preparing a list of experts and is sounding interest for participation in the work....


TN-ITS JRC meeting

Kees Wevers and Maxime Flament met in Brussels with JRC representatives (EU Joint Research Centre; the custodian of INSPIRE) Francesco Pignatelli and (by conference line) Graham Vowles, who agreed to help TN-ITS with substantial in kind contributions in WGs 1,...


Extraordinary TN-ITS Board meeting

A meeting by conference call of the Board of TN-ITS was held. The membership fee policy for 2013 and 2014 was further discussed and agreed. The 2014 contribution for Active members will be EUR 6,000 for non-ERTICO Partners, and EUR 4,000 for ERTICO partners....


CEN TN-ITS PWI adopted

The proposed PWI was adopted with 17 votes cast, 15 Yes and 2 No, and some comments provided....


TN-ITS WG2 leader nominated wihtin NPRA

Trond Hovland (ITS Norway) has had discussions with Per Anderson of the NPRA, who will be the Leader of TN-ITS WG 2 – Standardisation (Trond is ad interim WG 2 Leader)....


CEN/TC278 project team to set specs for TN-ITS

A proposal for setting up a CEN/TC 278 Project Team for preparation of the ROSATTE/TN-ITS Technical Specification, which had been prepared and discussed with the TC 278 Secretariat (in a few iterations), was extended by the Secretariat with the formal part, an...


NPRA guarantees funds for TN-ITS

The NPRA (Norwegian Public Road Administration) has agreed to fund the TN-ITS platform with EUR 20,000 in 2013 and EUR 16,000 in 2014 to help kick-start the work....


TN-ITS PWI submitted to CEN

A PWI proposal with the title “Intelligent transport systems – Transport network ITS spatial data exchange framework”, which had been submitted to the CEN/TC 278 Secretariat, was circulated to the TC 278 membership (document CEN/TC 278/N2915) for voting ...


ISO/TC204/WG3 meeting

Kees Wevers attended a meeting of ISO/TC 204/WG 3, held at the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing (UNMZ) in Prague, and gave a presentation on TNITS, and its planned route to standardisation. Main topic of the meeting was the WG3 PWI 19297...

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