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T H E  P R O J E C T

Transportation Pilot kick-off meeting (2-4 September)

Phase 1 of the Transportation Pilot will start 1 September 2014. The Phase 1 kickoff meeting will be held 2/3/4 September 2014 at the premises of the NPRA in Oslo, Norway. For a short description of the Transportation pilot, see the page under “Miscellaneous...


Next conference call meeting for Transportation Pilot preparation

The group of experts that is preparing the Transportation Pilot will have its next conference call meeting (09:30-11:00). For a short description of the Transportation pilot, see the page under “Miscellaneous/Transportation Pilot”....


WG 3 conference call meeting

Conference call meeting of TN-ITS WG 3 – Implementation support, scheduled for 09:00-11:30....


Second TN-ITS General Assembly

On Tuesday 17 June 2014, in connection with the ITS European Congress in Helsinki, the Transport Network ITS Spatial Data Deployment Platform (TN-ITS) held its second General Assembly meeting. The meeting was organised as an open breakfast session, accessible ...


TN-ITS session at the TRA

TN-ITS presented itself today at the Transport Research Arena conference in Paris, in an Invited Special Session with the title “TN-ITS: Establishing the data chain for ITS spatial data”. The idea was to have presentations and some debate between the prese...


Transportation Pilot meeting



Transportation Pilot conference call

A follow-up conference call meeting is held of the team preparing a plan for the Transportation Pilot. Involved parties TN-ITS, the JRC (INSPIRE and EULF project) and the ELF project....


CEN/TC 278 CHOD and Plenary meetings

On 27/28 March 2014, Kees Wevers (President of TN-ITS and Convener of CEN/TC 278/WG 7 – ITS spatial data) attends CEN/TC 278 Convenors and Heads of Delegations (CHOD) and Plenary meetings, reports on the status of the work in TN-ITS WG 2 (specifications and ...


Annual Activity Plan and Budget published

The Annual Activity Plan and Budget (AAPB) for the years 2013 and 2014 is finalised and published. First meetings of WGs 1, 2 and 3 are announced for 14 November, to be held at ERTICO. The date is tentative....

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