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Workshop on Spatial Data in conjunction with CEN/TC 278 Plenary meeting

2016-03-16 (foreseen)A workshop on spatial data and standardisation is foreseen to be organised in conjunction with the next CEN/TC 278 Plenary meeting, to be held 16/17 March 2016 in Vienna, Austria. TC 278/WG 7 “ITS spatial data” is hosting the standardi...


Kick-off meeting of TN-ITS subproject in CEF-funded EU EIP

The European Union ITS Platform (EU EIP) is an ITS-related project funded under the 2014 CEF Transport Call for Proposals. One of the sub-activities of the proposal concerns a subproject, duration one year and a half, to do TN-ITS pilot implementations in five...


TN-ITS/INSPIRE session at ITS World Congress Bordeaux

The INSPIRE transportation pilot as driver for TN-ITS implementation TN-ITS aims to facilitate a future with highly up-to-date digital maps for ITS applications. The concept is pan-European exchange of ITS-related spatial data concerning updates of road attrib...


Joint ITS Network/TN-ITS Workshop on Spatial Data

On 4 June in the afternoon a Workshop on Spatial Data was held at ERTICO, Brussels, jointly organised by the Network of National ITS Associations and TN-ITS. The focus of the workshop was on the status of the spatial data infrastructure in various European cou...


TN-ITS 2015 General Assembly meeting

On 4 June in the morning, TN-ITS held its third General Assembly meeting, at ERTICO in Brussels. While this is a formal meeting for TN-ITS members, attendance was open to interested non-members as observer. The meeting was held in conjunction with a Workshop o...


The JRC-led Transportation Pilot in video

The European Union Location Framework project is pleased to announce the release of an explanatory video of its Transportation pilot activity. The pilot addresses the exchange of safety related road data attributes, such as speed limits and access restrictions...


TN-ITS joint working group meeting

A joint meeting of the five TN-ITS working groups is scheduled for Thursday 29 January 2015, at ERTICO, Brussels, 08:30-16:30.The meeting will start with parallel separate sessions meetings of the working groups, followed by a joint session, with presentations...


Meeting of the TN-ITS Board

For Tuesday 16 December 2014 a meeting of the TN-ITS Board is scheduled, to be held at ERTICO, Brussels. Topics on the agenda are the status and progress of TN-ITS and its activities, and the plan and budget for 2014....


TN-ITS Working Group 3 meeting

A regular meeting of Working Group 3 – Implementation Support, to be held by conference call, is scheduled for Thursday 4 December 13:00-15:30....

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