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T H E  P R O J E C T

ISO/TC204/WG3 meeting

Kees Wevers and Maxime Flament attended a ISO/TC 204/WG 3 & TN-ITS Collaboration meeting, held during the ITS Congress, with four representatives of WG3: Soo Young Lee and Soo Hong Park from Korea, and Jun Shibata (WG 3 Convener) and Satoru Nakajo from Japan. ...


TN-ITS General Assembly

TN-ITS was formally established at its inaugural General Assembly held at Dublin during the ITS European Congress 2013. There are eight founding members: Norway (NPRA), Sweden (TRV), Finland (FTA), Flanders (MOW), Ireland (DTTaS), the UK (DfT), and the map mak...

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