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T H E  P R O J E C T

CEN/TC278/WG7 revival

A proposal to re-establish CEN/TC 278/WG 7 “Geographic Data Files”, which had been submitted to the CEN/TC 278 Secretariat, was circulated to the TC 278 membership (document CEN/TC 278/N 2912)....


TN-ITS Board Meeting #1

The first meeting of the TN-ITS Board was held at ERTICO. Important topics were the Annual Activity Plan and Budget for the years 2013 and 2014, and the membership fee policy for 2013 and 2014....


European ITS Committee meeting

Kees Wevers and Maxime Flament attended the “Directive 2010/40/EU European ITS Committee meeting” held in Brussels, and KW gave a presentation on TN-ITS....


CEN/TC278 meeting

Kees Wevers met in Delft with the Chair of CEN/TC 278 Lex Eggink, and the Convener of CEN/TC 278/WG 8 Dick de Winter, to discuss if a new Work Item (WI), to be proposed by TN-ITS to TC 278, concerning standardisation of the ROSATTE specification (project deliv...


ISO/TC204/WG3 meeting

Kees Wevers and Maxime Flament attended a ISO/TC 204/WG 3 & TN-ITS Collaboration meeting, held during the ITS Congress, with four representatives of WG3: Soo Young Lee and Soo Hong Park from Korea, and Jun Shibata (WG 3 Convener) and Satoru Nakajo from Japan. ...


TN-ITS General Assembly

TN-ITS was formally established at its inaugural General Assembly held at Dublin during the ITS European Congress 2013. There are eight founding members: Norway (NPRA), Sweden (TRV), Finland (FTA), Flanders (MOW), Ireland (DTTaS), the UK (DfT), and the map mak...

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