TN-ITS GOes to Hamburg!

On October 15, ITS World Congress ended; the event represented a great opportunity to gain insights, takeaways, lessons learned and fruitful discussions. As TN-ITS community, we would like to wrap-up some of the key activities of the week. 

On Monday 11 October 2021, the very opening day of the ITS World Congress, TN-ITS organised the event “TN-ITS GOes Urban”. Aiming to highlight what TN-ITS can do for public authorities – including cities - and its role in the data space, as well as support improvements in city navigation and traffic management, TN-ITS GOes urban brought together several keynote speakers: Bert Boterbergh, TN-ITS Vice President; Frank Daems, ERTICO; Rene Bruijne, SIMACAN; George Cambanis, MOBITO; Jean-Charles Pandazis, ERTICO, representing the SENSORIS platform; Theo Thuis, EPA; and Dr. Michael Fischer, Hamburg Urban Data Platform.