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T H E  P L A T F O R M

Why Join?


Learn and understand perspectives of both public authorities and map makers


Gain access and further improve specifications


Join a network hub to exchange information, collaborate and access a pool of specialists

Membership information

Basis and conditions

Any association, partnership, organisation, company or corporation, or individual which/who has an interest in the Objective and Activities of TN-ITS, may become a member by applying for membership and paying the annual membership fee.

Each member of the TN-ITS is represented by one single point of contact; however the membership is extended to all individuals in the member’s own organization for participation in working groups and other activities of the Association.

There is no indirect membership to the Association (e.g. through affiliation).

Membership types

TN-ITS has two main categories of members:

Active members

An Active member has an active role in constituting part of the data chain for ITS spatial data. It is either a public ITS spatial data provider (a public authority or other organisation acting as such), or an ITS spatial data user (a map maker or another party bringing ITS spatial data by means of applications to the end user).

Advisor/Supporter members

An Advisor member advises one or more working group(s). A Supporter member receives information about the business of TN-ITS, and is invited to attend seminars and forum meetings held by the Association.

Membership fees

Each member will pay an entry fee upon becoming a member. However, for the years 2019 the entry fee is set at zero. In addition to the entry fee, the members will pay an annual membership fee. The prevailing entry fees and membership fees are included in the Annual Activity Plan and Budget. The membership fees cover the costs of co-ordination along with those of the TN-ITS secreatariat.

Regular members have the right to vote at General Assembly meetings. Support members have the right to attend and speak at General Assembly meetings, but not the right to vote.

Yearly membership fees

Regular members

Support members

ERTICO partners

4000 EUR

400 EUR

Non-ERTICO partners

6000 EUR

600 EUR

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