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T H E  P L A T F O R M

TN-ITS evolved from work performed in several EU-funded projects. The PReVENT/MAPS&ADAS project (Feb 2004/Jan 2007), apart from being instrumental in developing the ADAS Interface Specification (ADASIS), worked on data sourcing for safety-related road attributes for ADAS applications. The SpeedAlert project (May 2004/Jun 2005) addressed harmonisation of the in-vehicle speed alert concept definition, and looked into the topic of speed limit information in digital maps, as an important prerequisite for map-based speed advisory systems.

The idea for a data chain for updates of critical map attributes that arose from these projects, was further elaborated and tested in the ROSATTE project (Jan 2008/Jun 2010), which aimed at establishing an efficient and quality-ensured supply chain for information on safety-related road attributes, from public authorities to commercial map providers and other road data users, with a focus on changes in the concerned attributes rather than full data sets.

Prerequisites for setting up such a data chain are adequate systems and databases (ICT/GIS), and procedures for data maintenance and quality at road authorities, an adequate common data content exchange format specification for publishing the information on changes (updates), able to cope with the multitude of systems and data models on the side of public authorities across Europe, and adequate methods for integration of updates at map makers. ROSATTE worked on all three topics, and especially developed and tested a content specification, a physical exchange format and a web service specification, which together constitute, as the ROSATTE specification, the core of the intended exchange framework.

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