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The "EU ITS Platform" (EU EIP) is the place where National Ministries, Road Authorities, Road Operators and partners from the private and public sectors of almost all EU Member States and neighbouring countries, cooperate in order to foster, accelerate and optimise current and future ITS deployments in Europe in a harmonised way.

The scope of sub-activity 4.7 — Provision of update of ITS spatial road data — is to implement a TN-ITS service pilot for the provision of updates of ITS spatial road data in each of the five member states (Belgium (Flanders), Finland, France Ireland, and United Kingdom) and to study the best approaches to extend the service, and to install solid procedures for instantaneous updating of the spatial data store.

The sub-activity is addressing five Member States as the minimum target. The sub-activity and the work of TN-ITS remains open to all Member States that would like to contribute to the work and/or set up pilot services.

Planned duration: 01-2016 to 12-2017


The key objective of the EU EIP sub-activity is to implement basic TN-ITS in the five Member States, addressing a limited set of attributes, and addressing only the main corridors, to gain experience for future further roll-out of the service to the comprehensive network, and to get a thorough understanding of:

Current Status

The above mentioned member states are in the process of implementing TN-ITS this year and foresee to provide results by the end of 2016.

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