A report recently published by Queensland Government in Australia, on the study ‘ Map creation, monitoring and maintenance for automated driving’ gives well-deserved recognition to the work of three ERTICO Innovation Platforms: TN-ITSADASIS and SENSORIS.

The Australian report, available online, contains an extensive analysis of the used mobility data space related methodologies in Europe. The study highlights in particular the work done by the ERTICO platform TN-ITS and presented in its published reflection paper ‘The future of a Common European Mobility data space‘. TN-ITS facilitates and fosters the exchange of ITS-related spatial road data between road authorities as trusted data providers and data users, such as map makers and other parties. The reflection paper certifies the propagation of the TN-ITS data share methodology, based upon CEN/TS 17268:2018, to exchange map ‘base layer’ data updates , created by Member States Road authorities, as trusted data sources, to data processors and service providers.

The Australian study conducted a comprehensive review of the use of prior maps in automated vehicles, with a particular focus on the potential role for government in developing, monitoring and maintaining these maps. TN-ITS is rightfully being considered as a valid and easy way to deploy technology for the exchange of information on changes in static (not‐changing) road attributes. As the study validates the need to for the TN-ITS goals reached: ‘Currently there are many different data storage formats for GIS data and it is difficult to convert between them. The objective of